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Adopt Sampson and Dorothy a Co Adopt Sampson and Dorothy a Cockatoo
Adopt Sampson and Dorothy, a pair of Umbrella Cockatoos from our bird rescue / parrot rescue. Dorothy is a 30+ year old cockatoo. She came from a very abusive situation. When she came...
Petfinder.com - East Greenbush, NY
Adopt Fuzzy a Macaw Adopt Fuzzy a Macaw
Hello! My name is Fuzzy and I arrived at Florida Parrot Rescue by plane all the way from North Carolina. I am 20yrs old and I am a Catalina Macaw. I was once diagnosed with Aspergillosis,...
Petfinder.com - Brooksville, FL
Adopt Attie a Macaw Adopt Attie a Macaw
Attie is a Shamrock Macaw, which is a Hybrid Macaw. These are quite rare and spectacular in color. She is a very nervous and untrusting bird until she gets to know you, so not recommended...
Petfinder.com - Anderson, IN
Adopt Dion and Cherokee a Cock Adopt Dion and Cherokee a Cockatoo
Dion and Cherokee the Moluccan Cockatoo siblings are fourteen years old and came to us with eleven other birds when 1 of their owners passed away. They are very bonded to each other,...
Petfinder.com - Traverse City, MI
Adopt Rio a Macaw Adopt Rio a Macaw
Meet Rio! Rio has already had 3 homes in his young life, none of them particularly great as far as we have heard. He is just about the skinniest macaw we have seen in person. All of...
Petfinder.com - Traverse City, MI
Adopt Gaffer a Cockatoo Adopt Gaffer a Cockatoo
Gaffer is an approx 33 yr old female Goffins Cockatoo. She is tame and handlable and in great feather. Surrendered due to Gaffer not getting along with husband. She was thoroughly veterinarian...
Petfinder.com - Hubertus, WI
Adopt Mallory a Macaw Adopt Mallory a Macaw
Mallory is a eighteen year old female Military Macaw needing a new home. She is a friendly bird. She loves her pellets & fresh 'people' food. OK in homes with dogs & cats, but prefers...
Petfinder.com - Tucson, AZ
Adopt Collor a Macaw Adopt Collor a Macaw
This attractive B&G came to TGF from a Montana animal rescue shelter where he was relinquished by an older couple who'd had him for 25 yrs. Collor is comfortable, gregarious and a big...
Petfinder.com - Denver, CO
Adopt Rocket a Macaw Adopt Rocket a Macaw
Rocket is an fully grown Scarlet Macaw. She is typical Scarlet and can be nippy at times, not mean bites, just nippy. he has a load of personality and needs an experienced Macaw person...
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Pretty Boy a Cockatoo Adopt Pretty Boy a Cockatoo
Pretty Boy is an full grown male Umbrella Cockatoo. He is a total love bug and will soak up every bit of love you have to give.... see more at Petfinder.com
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Merlin a Macaw Adopt Merlin a Macaw
Merlin is a male Severe Macaw.He has a respiratory issue that will probably need treatment for the rest of his life, but he is a happy and interactive boy.He lives with his best buddy...
Petfinder.com - Kanab, UT
Adopt Koty & Kona a Macaw Adopt Koty & Kona a Macaw
Koty & Kona are thirteen & 14yrs old and have been together their entire lives. They do live in separate cages because Koty will pluck Kona if they hare a cage. They are looking for...
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Tiko a Macaw Adopt Tiko a Macaw
Tiko is a four year old B&G Macaw. He is adorable but must get to know you 1st. His Mom's age and poor health forced her to give him up. He really wants a family to call his own.......
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Kaimi a Macaw Adopt Kaimi a Macaw
This beautiful Green Winged Macaw was originally from Hawaii, and she lets you know that with a greeting of 'Aloha'!She is very easy to work with and seems to adore being the star of...
Petfinder.com - Kanab, UT
Adopt Louis a Macaw Adopt Louis a Macaw
Louisthe male Blue and Gold Macaw is an amazing character.When you ask him a question he nods his head at you, like he is following everything you say.He has shown a preference for...
Petfinder.com - Kanab, UT
Adopt Ripley a Macaw Adopt Ripley a Macaw
This really adorable, very interactive boy has lived with his best buddy Kiwi for more than twenty years.The 2 of them are inseparable, although we do have them living in separate cages.Kiwi...
Petfinder.com - Kanab, UT
Adopt Bennie a Macaw Adopt Bennie a Macaw
Bennie is a 15 yr old Hahn's Macaw. He is quite the spitfire with loads of personality. He will bite if he thinks he can get away with it and needs an experienced bird person to call...
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Norman a Macaw Adopt Norman a Macaw
Norman is a male Severe Macaw.He is best buddies with Merlin, another Severe. The 2 of them are so bonded, they will need to be adopted together.Norman is very protective of his friend,...
Petfinder.com - Kanab, UT
Adopt Ceasar a Macaw Adopt Ceasar a Macaw
Ceasar is an full grown, believed to be female B&G Macaw. She must choose you but if you are the chosen 1 she will love you to no end. She has a huge pvc play stand that she adores...
Petfinder.com - Punta Gorda, FL
Adopt Tookie a Cockatoo Adopt Tookie a Cockatoo
Tookie is a female,Goffin Cockatoo, that needs a new, forever home. Friendly, was a feather plucker(due to boredom) but starting to get her feathers back. She will only go to a home...
Petfinder.com - Christmas, FL
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